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TRP x Pressent: Pahit Manis TShirt
TRP x Pressent: Pahit Manis TShirt
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Pressent: Greeting the present with traditional letterpress printing.

Pressent is a unique collaboration between The Royal Press and local designers: Kongsi Design,  Ejin Sha, and Angel Wong. Created with the intention of bringing letterpress closer to an everyday point of view,  Pressent transfers stories and knowledge of letterpress onto common stationeries, accessories and apparel that appeal to the public.


Pahit Manis TShirt (Available in Gray / White)

Curious medication visuals add a unique flair to daily apparel.

Medicine labels were a large part of The Royal Press' printing repertoire in the old days. Before British regulations were implemented, plenty of medicines that looked borderline poisonous were marketed with various languages on the packaging. One particularly eye-catching one is a series of visuals medicated oil for itching in various parts of the body. The simple yet bold line art lends itself perfectly to the tshirt, bucket hat and socks of this series.