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TRP x Pressent: Khabar Baik Tote Bag
TRP x Pressent: Khabar Baik Tote Bag
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Pressent: Greeting the present with traditional letterpress printing.

Pressent is a unique collaboration between The Royal Press and local designers: Kongsi Design, Ejin Sha and Angel Wong. Created with the intention of bringing letterpress closer to an everyday point of view, Pressent transfers stories and knowledge of letterpress onto common stationeries, accessories, and apparel that appeal to the public.


Khabar Baik Tote Bag

Carry a piece of good news everywhere with this unique tote.

This tote pays tribute to the Koo Cheng Yet Pao: a monthly newspaper that ran 57 volumes in Malacca in the 1950s. The bag is designed in a 6-fold - a nod to the original 6 pages each newspaper contained. The Apa Khabar/Khabar Baik (How are you/ I am well) text is a play on the Malay word for newspaper, "surat  khabar". The entire composition uses Chinese fonts of varying sizes, from The Royal Press' existing artefacts. 

With plenty of room for your everyday needs, this tote makes for a functional statement bag on any occasion.