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TRP x Pressent: Easy Isi Namecard Holder
TRP x Pressent: Easy Isi Namecard Holder
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Pressent: Greeting the present with traditional letterpress printing.

Pressent is a unique collaboration between The Royal Press and local designers: Kongsi Design, Ejin Sha and Angel Wong. Created with the intention of bringing letterpress closer to an everyday point of view, Pressent transfers stories and knowledge of letterpress onto common stationeries, accessories, and apparel that appeal to the public.


Easy Isi Namecard Holder

Holders from the past, perfect for the present.

The simple, brown covers of exercise books are a quintessential part of carefree schooldays. As schoolchildren, you would have filled countless books without wondering their origins. In fact, The Royal Press regularly printed notebooks and reports for schools, institutions and private sectors in Malacca. The Easy Isi collection is a modern interpretation of these prints - you can fill these portable holders, designed in the style of schoolday exercise and rule books with notes and contacts. The Easy Isi Namecard Holder was inspired by a rule book of the National Blood Bank Supporters Association in Malacca.